Making Mistakes the “Right Way”

Many people live through life trying not to make any mistakes. They live life on the safe side, never taking any chances, never doing anything out of the ordinary. They calculate risks and if there is a risk that simply can not be calculated, they don’t take it. They are scared. What are they scared of? Making mistakes.

Now, I’m not talking about making stupid decisions. Those are completely different than making “mistakes.” Jumping out of a plane without a parachute is a stupid decision, not a mistake. Cheating on your wife is a stupid decision, not a mistake. Not studying for a big important test is a stupid decision, not a mistake. You see where I’m going with this?
When I say people are scared of making mistakes, I mean they are scared of the unknown. They are scared of things or events that are simply out of their control. The unknown has lots of room for mistakes, and often, the unknown comes with mistakes. It’s usually a package deal. Gosh darn it, you know what? It’s OK! This may sound like one of those “Don’t Let Fear Run You” articles, but that’s because it is…  Take those guitar lessons. Take that photography challenge. Step out of your comfort zone.

My husband and I moved to Oregon this past week. This is both our first times moving out of state without our parents. We are staying with some friends and we don’t have jobs. We’d been wanting to move here for awhile now. We calculated the risk as much as we could and figured we would be just as well off here as we were back home. We prayed about it. We felt lead here. We ironed some details out with our friends, packed our bags in to our little car and made the 800+ mile drive to move here. We don’t know what is going to happen next, but we are exited for the journey.

At this very moment I am sitting outside on the porch looking out at the trees with the warm breeze occasionally sweeping by. I can’t imagine what I would be doing now if we didn’t take the risk, if we were too scared of making a huge mistake.We’re here now. We made it. The excitement is still fresh. There are still a lot of unknowns, but one thing is for sure: we are experiencing growth and we are learning so much from this experience. Isn’t that what makes taking risks so wonderful and exciting? Mistakes are not to be feared. Making mistakes is how you grow. Allow yourself that privilege.

Get out there and be the best version of you that you can possibly be!

And that you makes mistakes.


What are some mistakes you have had the privilege to learn from? Comment below and tell us!