I don’t know what I’m doing

DSC_0259When I first started this blog, I got annoyed at all the posts that started with “I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a long time!” and “It’s been awhile! I am SO sorry!” But now, I’m tempted to say the same thing, except, I’m not sure I’m really that sorry. I may be unemployed, I may have a lot of time on my hands, but for whatever reason, I have not written a post on here for a long time.

I’m writing this for me, mostly, right now.

I think I haven’t written much because I’m not sure I have much sense of direction right now. There’s nothing wrong with that, really. Although, I feel like the people who do write posts daily have a niche. They do a good job of seemingly having it all together at least in their writing. I just feel like I have so many options, but I also feel like I don’t. I’m just in the middle of an awkward, uncertain, very open time and transition in my life and blogging has seemed to take a step back in my priorities.

I guess what I mean to say through all of this is, I’m not really sure where to be focusing my time and energy right now in my life. So much has been happening, so much has changed. I guess it’s crazy to think that I would be able to run a blog consistently or (fill in the blank here of my other ambitions) right after I have moved to a completely new place with no job. I just have to figure out my focus.




So, yeah, I am kind of sorry for not posting for a while, but I hope at least now you (and I) understand why I haven’t been showing my face around here much lately.


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